Since 1915 – Passion Fabric

It all started in the 20s, when the grandfather went to the “sturgeon” to produce woolen and linen products.

In the Mid-50s, he settled in San Vigilio in the Plazores Street, the current headquarters of the art weaving Pedevilla L., to open a small workshop where he made tablecloths, blankets of wool, and hand-woven carpets. In 1983, the son assumed the direction of the business.

In 2018 the grandson Simon opened a shop in Olang, where tradition and modernity complement each other.

Tradition meets modernity

Culture and tradition have always characterized the profession of art weaving. The handicraft of art weaving was passed on from grandfather to the son and later to the grandson.

We want to offer a product that is up-to-date and incorporates innovations, without excluding the connection to tradition. That is why we offer the latest patterns and individual designs, without neglecting the love for our culture and our traditions.